Services / Vehicles

Travel 4000 currently provides a range of professional travel services for Cornwall County Council on Special Needs Contracts, and a variety of private sector organisations within Cornwall as well as further a field.

Travel 4000 also provides general travel services for the local community of Camborne / Redruth area, as well as specialised travel for disabled and special needs passengers.

Travel 4000 has availability of vehicles and staff day or night throughout the weekdays to meet an extensive range of travel services that may be required for individuals, groups or organisations. Travel 4000 can meet a wide range of potential functions such as :

  • A day or night out with friends or family
  • Specialised travel for disabled or special needs passengers
  • Travel to business meetings or lunches
  • Change of venues / destinations travel
  • Multi-passenger transport for multi-destination travel

Any potential travel requirements that your organisation can envisage or need, can be fully met by Travel 4000 competitively, efficiently and effectively.


The Vehicles

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Citroen Relay 1800d Turbo Diesel

A recent addition to the Travel 4000 fleet - this nine seater vehicle (including driver), which is also wheelchair friendly, is more than able to cater for group booking to take you to your destination in a luxurious interior for your maximum comfort.

Citroen Relay 1000 Turbo Diesel

Also a recent addition to the Travel 4000 fleet - this is nother multi-passenger and specialised wheelchair friendly vehicle. As shown in the picture above, the interior is very spacious and designed for your comfort in meeting all of your travel requirements.

Vauxhall Vivaro 2900 Turbo Diesel

A luxury eight seater passenger vehicle which can be used for specialised contracts or any long-distance work, with more than ample luggage room, so it is ideal for airport and port bookings.

Mercedes D609 Minibus

This new wheelchair friendly bus is capable of carrying five wheelchairs plus three other passengers, and is therefore used for specialised contract work.
Another extremely spacious vehicle vehicle that is able to carry luggage and passengers.

Mercedes 614 Vario

Another of the extremely versatile vehicles at Travel 4000's disposal. This particular vehicle provides extensive multi-passenger capacity, wheelchair-friendly access via the tail lift, and extremely ample and useful luggage space.

This vehicle exceeds Cornwall County Council's standards and specifications for persons in wheelchairs, and is fully able to accommodate 8 passengers and driver on modern and comfortable seating, as well as providing up-to-date safety features for all passengers during travel.

Mercedes C180 Saloon

A luxurious five seater sallon car (including driver) which can be used for executive, corporate and airport travel.

Mercedes Traveliner and Vito

Two of the versatile vehicles available and used by Travel 4000 in fulfilling a wide range of services. These vehicles provide for instance multi-passenger corporate and private travel, disabled and special needs services, and travel to airports, ports and stations.

Ford Transit 100SWB

This is one of Travel 4000 hackney carriage vehicles that can carry upto eight passengers, and is able to be used for group bookings, whatever the time.

Renault Trafic TR110D LWB

This is Travel 4000's final multi-purpose specialised vehicle, and which is able once again to carry upto eight passengers or three wheelchairs with two passengers. This is also able to be used for specialised contract work.